Heavy industry

Årdal - modernization of aluminium plant

Structural analysis and check of existing Alumina plant. Existing facility will be modernized and new loads a

Reunion Island - 2x 400 tonnes silos for hot ash

Structural analysis and design of two, 400 tonnes each, silos for hot ash, located on common support structure allowi

Husnes - Restart of Aluminum Plant

Structural Design and Analysis of different parts of Aluminium Plant: 1) Blower Room x

Karmøy Aluminium Pilot Plant - Norway

Structural Design and Analysis of parts of plant.

Trimet - Hamburg - Germany. Aluminium Industry.

Structural Analysis and Design of Bag Filter Structure and its equipment.


Structural Analysis and Design of new equipments supports, connected with a structures designed in late 70's & beginning of 80's. Implementation of old codes has been done to double check the existing old structures for Secondary Silo and Bag Filters.

Scotish Power, Longannet, Scotland, Re-build of reinforced cocncrete absorber

Site supervision of absorber construction. 26x24x22m, 250mm thick walls.

Jeddah South, Sea Water, Saudi Arabia

Structural analysis and design of teel structure surrounding reinforced-concrete absorber (26mx26mx22m) and supporting set of gas ducts (biggest diameter of duct=7.9m, smallest 2.1m). Designed for different settlement of foundations durring earthquake.

EMAL phase II, Aluminum Factory in Abu Dhabi

Structural analysis and design of major support structures: 4500t silo for alumina powder, 32m height support girder for conveyor, 4m diameter steel ducts, 36tones alumina duct, etc. Supervision of Foundation structural design & detailing done by company in Poland.